The footage you need when you need it.


Stock footage is a cost-saving option for your project, especially when you are in need of an image fast. Our library houses stunning 4K, high definition images that you won't have to wait for. 

Don't get caught in the editing room without the footage you desire. Even with the best planning, shots can get missed or simply be an afterthought. Stock video is a great way to add to your story. And it also saves you from having to push back deadlines, which can be costly.  

Browse through our library. We hope you find what you're looking for. And if not, let us know and we'll find another way to get you what you need as quickly as possible.  

Taylorvisions provides fully customized aerial photography and drone imaging services for corporate & commercial businesses, real estate, construction, government agencies & law enforcement, film & television, and agriculture. Based in Jacksonville, FL, our drones fly for local and national assignments. 

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