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In full collaboration, we work with our award winning creative team to breathe life into your vision by producing the video, cinematography, motion graphics, and photography you need in a more efficient and effective manner. Our drone operators are highly experienced in both manned and unmanned equipment and are equipped with the most sophisticated professional gear, which gives us the ability to adapt our services to meet your project's individual needs.  In addition, our close working relationship with the FAA eliminates the hurdle of getting airspace approval when needed, which allows us access to the areas and locations you wish to film. 

From concept to final product, we help you tell the story you want to tell, highlight products and services in a unique way, and help to position your business or organization as best-in-class with brilliant images that are sure to impress.

2018 Amelia AR Miles - BTS 068A Deremer


I2 Pier Drone_Marcus Taylor (1).jpg

Founder & Executive Producer, FAA Part 107 Certified Pilot,

sUAS Thermographer, Photographer

Mike with Cam Headshot.jpg

Drone Camera Operator, Videographer, and

Award-Winning Editor

Additional Credentials Include
  • Member of FAAST Team

  • FAA Monthly Safety Meeting - Member

  • Operation Raincheck St. Augustine Airport - Member

  • FAA Airspace authorizations for Florida and beyond

  • Operating legally and fully insured 

How it all began...

Marcus Taylor fell in love with film and television production during his time as an actor. Though acting was something he enjoyed doing, it was his time behind the scenes on set that really sparked his interest. Realizing very quickly that he wanted to focus on that aspect of production, he began working as a production assistant and camera operator to further develop his skills and really harness the hands-on experience required to collaborate well with directors, directors of photography, and producers. 

Production and drones crossed paths back in 2012 when Marcus witnessed a friend putting a GoPro on a quadcopter and sent it airborne. In that moment, he knew that would become the future for film. Having the foresight to realize that drones would become a staple for getting the same type of aerial footage as a jib arm or crane, he dedicated his career to the niche and has become one of the most desired drone pilots in the region. Plus, piloting drones allowed him to bring his childhood dream of becoming a pilot into fruition.


The successful pairing of two passions for flight and cinema are not only evident in the quality of his work, but also in reputation. When on set, Marcus is known for his professionalism, attention to detail, and reliability when it comes to efficiency and getting the shots desired. It's not unusual to be blown away by his results. 

And with a commitment to increasing public awareness about drone technology and its capabilities, he continues to expand his own knowledge of the field so that he may better serve his mission. Joining forces with the most creative minds in the southeast, Taylorvisions strives to deliver excellent imaging results while using the latest drone technology.

If you are interested in working with Marcus, or learning more about what Taylorvisions can do for your project, get in contact with us or give us a call. We'd love to hear your story! 

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