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Humanitarian Project - Pay It Forward!

I was recently contacted by Mark Allen (Mark A.), a gentleman from Utah who was looking for drone services here in Jacksonville, FL, to shoot aerial photography and a short video of a distressed residential home roof.

After speaking with Mark, I learned of the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the request and how the family was in dire need of help. With my extensive experience using drones to inspect roofs, document damage, and track construction site progress, I immediately volunteered my services to lend a hand.

The extent of the repairs was overwhelming, and the family had no access to the finances or resources needed to make the home safe, sanitary, and livable again.

Spearheaded by Nova Kopp, it became a true humanitarian project where good-hearted people within the community came together to help.

Representatives from Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Helping Hands, Just Serve, and others in the community joined forces with volunteers such as myself who donated their time, money, and services to help renovate the home.

Even Lowe's pitched in to offer materials at discounted rates.

When a natural disaster strikes, it seems like the world gets bigger in the sense that aide comes in droves to quickly donate resources and funds for recovery and repairs.

But when an individual needs it, they seem to get lost in the shadows and help isn’t always there.

There’s a need for people to be humane, to come together in community for projects like this. Lending a helping hand makes us stronger as a community, and I am honored to be among this remarkable group of people who are making a difference for this family.

For more information on this project, or to lend a helping hand, please contact Mark Allen:

The link to the GoFundMe me for this project is in the comments below.

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